Cloud Consulting Services: Cloud Training and Education

Moving from traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud can bring major changes to the way people do things. To succeed in a cloud initiative, IT staff and end users need to know how to quickly adapt and harness the cloud’s full potential. Our cloud training services can help your team do just that.

Empower Your Team with Cloud Training from Adapture.

The seasoned cloud computing specialists at Adapture are highly experienced in architecting cloud infrastructures and educating teams in the administration, use, and maximization of cloud investments. Our cloud technology training is designed to enhance the administrator and end user experience, spark interest in cloud technology, accelerate onboarding, and instill best practices.

Your IT staff and administrators will learn:

  • The fundamentals of virtualization/cloud technologies and how it can enhance their work
  • How to provision, deploy, and administer virtual machines and other cloud components
  • How to architect business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • How to respond to surges in computing demand
  • The economic aspects of cloud management
  • How to implement cloud security and/or achieve regulatory compliance
  • How to administer, monitor, and optimize cloud infrastructure

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We’ll tackle several relevant topics, including cloud bursting, interoperability, portability, automation/orchestration, and many others.

Your end users will learn:

  • The fundamentals of cloud technology and how it simplifies work
  • How to use cloud-based applications
  • How to maximize the collaborative functions of the cloud
  • Security best practices in using desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access cloud resources

We fully understand the fears both IT and employees have in cloud adoption. We know because we’ve encountered them in our past cloud migration engagements. That’s why we took considerable time in designing a curriculum that addresses those concerns.