Cloud Consulting Services: Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations can be very complicated, risky, and disruptive. Without proper guidance, your journey to the cloud may be plagued with delays or even end in a complete failure.

Common Challenges in Cloud Migration

Companies who embark on a cloud journey are often faced with the following challenges:

Minimizing disruptions – During your transition to the cloud, several business processes will be affected. This can result in costly downtimes. It’s important to devise a cloud migration strategy that minimizes the length and extent of these disruptions.

Securing sensitive data – Data leakage can happen during and after the migration process. You should be able to identify and address vulnerabilities to avoid violating government, organizational, and regulatory data privacy/security requirements.

Moving large volumes of data– Moving to the cloud with terabytes of data can be a huge problem. You need to know what options to take and how to carry out the transfer in the shortest span of time with as little risk as possible.

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Virtualizing applications – Cloud migration often entails application virtualization, but some applications are just too difficult or even impossible to virtualize. You need to know not only how to virtualize applications, but also which applications should or shouldn’t be virtualized.

Dealing with interoperability issues – Once moved to the cloud, your systems must be able to operate and communicate exactly the way they should. That won’t be easy. You need to be familiar with the APIs, hypervisors, network architectures, and other technical details used by the cloud provider.

The cloud offers great benefits, despite these challenges, but how do you clearly reap those benefits?

Migrate to the Cloud Effortlessly with Migration Services from Adapture.

Our way of migrating to the cloud starts with a deep and extensive assessment and planning process. This enables us to identify risks, apply appropriate mitigation, and outline a roadmap for a seamless, low-risk, and less disruptive cloud migration

Your cloud migration will be designed by highly seasoned solutions architects who are both experienced and skilled in the best cloud migration tools and methods.

We perform migrations to various service (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and deployment (public, private, hybrid, community) models. We also migrate systems from one cloud provider to another.