Enterprise Storage Solutions

Storage demand has never been higher. As companies gear up to gain competitive advantage, they immediately realize their existing storage infrastructure is bogging them down.

Before you could even taste the benefits of big data and virtualization—faster decision making and business agility—you first had to feed these technologies’ indomitable hunger for storage. Data deluge and virtual machine sprawl can quickly overwhelm traditional storage systems.

The problem isn’t just lack of capacity. Today’s enabling technologies really require storage systems to:

  • Scale out fast to easily accommodate sudden surges in data and VMs
  • Support different performance or IOPS requirements
  • Automate tasks involved in provisioning, monitoring, management, and reporting
  • Provide data protection and high availability capabilities
  • Maximize capacity through methods like deduplication, thin provisioning, and compression

Only very few storage solutions have these capabilities. Two of the best are SolidFire and Dell Compellent. Based on highly advanced solid state drive (SSD) technologies, their class-leading solutions easily meet even the most demanding storage requirements.

Scale Your Business On Demand with Storage Solutions from ADAPTURE.

Our solutions architects take pride in their decades of experience in the field of enterprise IT. That vast experience has given us countless opportunities to work on various storage systems and technologies.

We can:

  • Architect storage systems for different infrastructures, including data centers, data warehouses, and Hadoop clusters
  • Design, deploy, and optimize disk arrays, Storage Area Networks (SANs), and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Administer tape, disk, and SSD/flash storage systems
  • Train in-house staff in managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing storage systems
  • Integrate storage devices with your IT infrastructure

To provide excellent storage services, we’ve partnered with Dell and SolidFire. Together, we can help you build the storage infrastructure you need to gain competitive advantage or simply address your storage problems.

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