DDoS is a type of DOS attack and is an attempt to overload an online service by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Anyone is susceptible to these attacks and as time passes, they are becoming more destructive. Protect yourself from these harmful attacks and read our DDoS Infographic.

DDoS Infographic. Fight the good fight. Protect yourself from harmful DDoS Attacks. What you need to know about DDoS. DDoS is a type of DOS attack that attempts to overload an online service by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Anyone storing sensitive data can become susceptible to a DDoS attack. Financial and political reasons are usually the motive behind DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are complex, multi-layered, consistently changing, are growing, and increase each year. The average downtime of a website during an attack is 54 minutes. There are 1 billion possible bots out there. The cost of a week-long attack on the black market is $150. 1/3 of downtime incidents are caused by DDoS attacks. The negative impacts of a DDoS attack are financial loss, brand reputation loss, threat exposure, and possible shutdown. F5 multi-tier architecture is the premier solution for protection against DDoS attacks. Tier 1 is cloud based scrubbing which alleviates volumetric attacks, provides emergency backup, and prevents attacks from evolving with a dedicated security operations center. Tier 2 is on-premises volumetric and DNS, which protects against DNS and attacks on the network, regulates local and global traffic, and defends zero-day attack protection. Tier 3 is premises application and SSL, which protects from SSL and HTTP attacks, prevents attacks from OWASP Top 10 applications, and reinforces security. Think forward. ADAPTURE’s F5 DDoS Protection solution can help fight these attacks without compromising the integrity of your current applications. ADAPTURE combines an unmatched level of intellectual capital, technical knowledge and experience to ensure the design of your security architecture is customized to your organization’s specific needs. ADAPTURE cultivates comprehensive enterprise technology solutions by implementing world-class platforms that scale with both business growth and technological innovation to keep clients at the forefront of cybersecurity. Whatever your data center security needs, ADAPTURE will be your expert partner to ensure every platform remains secure with best-in-class technology.

Protect yourself from becoming the victim of a harmful DDoS attack with ADAPTURE. Our expertise and experience will provide your organization with a DDoS solution that meets your needs.

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