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Examining Top Enterprise Next-Gen Firewalls

Examining Top Enterprise Next-Gen Firewalls Firewalls are commonly used network cybersecurity devices that have been the first line of defense for organizational networks for decades. These devices monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and permit or block data packets based on predetermined security rules. This technology helps prevent attackers from accessing company networks. Firewalls have come a [...]

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The Use of AI in Cybersecurity

The Use of AI in Cybersecurity Defending against cyberattacks is a key part of any company’s operations. As organizational networks are growing larger than ever before, an effective defense is becoming more difficult. Because of this massive growth, cybersecurity teams have to analyze a large amounts of data in order to protect against cyber threats. Additionally, properly [...]

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  • Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2022 The threat of cybersecurity attacks is continuing to evolve. Organizations need to take the proper steps now to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats in 2022. Businesses on the cutting edge of cybersecurity are already preparing for the next generation of cybersecurity threats. Here are the biggest cybersecurity threats to business in 2022. [...]

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How can Small and Midsize Businesses Protect Themselves Against Cyber-Attacks?

Federal Government Hit by Major Data Breach With news of a massive data breach affecting nearly 4 million current and former US Federal employees, this marks yet another in a seemingly endless string of news about cyber-attacks. The target this time, the Office of Personnel Management, was also the victim of a similar attack last year. Though targets [...]

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  • Technology Association of Georgia - Business Cybersecurity Day

ADAPTURE Participates In Georgia Business Cybersecurity Day

February 25th, 2014 has been declared Business Cybersecurity Day by Governor Nathan Deal here in our home state of Georgia. In recognition of this day, the Technology Association of Georgia, the Georgia National Guard and numerous state government departments are hosting a cybersecurity simulation event. The exercise will prepare Georgia businesses to respond quickly and proactively to today's [...]

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