The Use of AI in Cybersecurity

Defending against cyberattacks is a key part of any company’s operations. As organizational networks are growing larger than ever before, an effective defense is becoming more difficult. Because of this massive growth, cybersecurity teams have to analyze a large amounts of data in order to protect against cyber threats. Additionally, properly protecting networks from cyberattacks is more difficult as attackers have continued to evolve and scale their attacks.

Artificial intelligence helps organizations mitigate this growing threat.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is now an important part of most organizations’ cybersecurity tools. Security tools powered by artificial intelligence are able to analyze big data from millions of cyber incidents. As AI systems analyze more data, they become smarter and learn from the data that they have previously analyzed. AI tools help organizations detect threats, such as phishing schemes, and new malware variants.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Organizations realize a number of benefits when they implement artificial intelligence in their cybersecurity initiatives.

IT Asset Management

One of the biggest advances in the past decade has been the adoption of the cloud. Employees can now access company data from anywhere with an internet connection. That trend is only going to continue in 2022. The cloud has led to large gains in productivity, but that has come with potential cybersecurity risks.

Cloud networks are increasingly more complex for businesses to properly manage and secure. IT departments may be unaware of a potential threat, as their visibility into cloud infrastructure and operations can be clouded. Users also may have multiple accounts and usernames to keep track of, which can make them more susceptible to hacks, as they will often use the same password for each account.

Internet of Things

More devices are connected to networks than ever before. Organizations have to carefully manage all of the devices that are connected to their networks. Keeping track of all IT assets, let alone managing them, in any IT infrastructure is a difficult task.

Artificial intelligence allows organizations to quickly and easily identify all devices that are connected to the company’s network. Cybersecurity teams can ensure that the devices have authorization to the network and systems they are connected to. This helps cybersecurity teams identify potentially malicious users on the network.


Cybersecurity teams often have to perform time-consuming tasks to prevent cyberattacks. Network monitoring, threat hunting, incident response, and other processes are often manual. These processes can also be prone to human error, which can result in cyber attacks.

Artificial intelligence can be used to automate manual processes. This gives IT teams the ability to transform cybersecurity workflows and frees up time for cybersecurity teams to focus on other projects

Faster Response Time

Response time to cyber incidents is a key part of improving the capabilities of any cybersecurity team. The longer an attacker is present in an organization’s network, the more damage they cause and the more data they can steal. Cybersecurity teams need to identify potential threats as quickly as possible in order to act.

Cybersecurity tools armed with artificial intelligence are able to detect nuanced attacks and improve incident response. Artificial intelligence enables cybersecurity teams to identify threats faster and move to remediate the threats. Organizations can utilize artificial intelligence-powered tools, such as network monitoring solutions, to find network behavior that deviates from the norm.

Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in cybersecurity for the continued future. Organizations should seek out cybersecurity solutions that utilize artificial intelligence. These tools help prevent hackers from damaging networks and systems and stealing valuable data. Organizations identify potential threats faster and act when they incorporate artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity operations.

Companies, such as Juniper, Cisco, Infoblox, and Palo Alto offer artificial intelligence cybersecurity solutions. These solutions can help organizations utilize the latest technologies to fortify their cyber defenses.