Smartsheet, a collaborative workforce management software, has a growing client base in the life sciences sector. Steve Reed, Smartsheet Practice Lead at Adapture, explains what makes Smartsheet so attractive to life sciences organizations.

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in project management and nearly 10 with Smartsheet. “I’m not used to having this level of passion about work,” said Steve, “but I love the product and what I’m delivering.” His passion for the program is obvious to those he speaks with, and for good reason. He is one of millions of global Smartsheet users placing their trust in the software and the organization behind it.

Life sciences organizations serve clients who literally trust them with their lives and their health. Because of this trust and the governmental regulations that come with it, these organization must be careful about the partners they choose. Because Smartsheet is an organization they can trust, many of these organizations are deploying it to support projects and keep valuable data organized.

Smartsheet is “no code” software, which means that users are not expected to have advanced computing skills in order to navigate and interact with the front-end UI. The interface brings the familiarity of a spreadsheet, putting users at ease and increasing its overall accessibility.

Smartsheet offers tiers of security, with the upper levels complying with regulatory and industry standards, including HIPAA, GxP, and GDPR. Smartsheet also employs multi-site data redundancy, hosting at SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 270001, and FISMA examined and certified locations.

Smartsheet gives life sciences organizations a way to increase trust between those working on the same projects by giving them a more accurate workforce management tool. Unlike other management tools that contain multiple places for information and updates to get lost, Smartsheet keeps all updates and information on a single sheet that updates in real time. It also enables automation and comes with ready-made templates that can be customized for each new project. Team members can trust that their most recent updates are being seen and acted upon by their peers.

Users can trust the Adapture Smartsheet team to answer questions and fix problems. Our Smartsheet experts have a passion for the work that they do. When clients have questions, Adapture representatives are there to train and develop their skills. Clients know that when they use Smartsheet alongside Adapture, they’ll have the support they need every step of the way.

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