Smartsheet helps organizations manage projects more effectively. There are countless features that users can take advantage of. It is almost impossible to know all of these features and how to implement them on your own. However, you need to be aware of these features in order to fully optimize your project management processes.

Smartsheet is an investment, and companies want to achieve the highest return-on-investment from this platform. Here are a few ways that you can get the most out of your Smartsheet investment.

Utilize Dashboards

Dashboards are an effective way to manage project status. A lack of visibility around project status can lead to issues with timelines and budgets. Smartsheet dashboards give users up-to-date data around project status, key performance indicators, critical trends, and more.

Dashboards can help key stakeholders throughout your organization stay informed and engaged. Users can also create reports that illustrate project progress and results. These reports only take a few minutes to create and can easily be shared across an organization. Reports also do not need to show the underlying data and information, which can be ideal for applications with sensitive data.

Automate Reminders and Notifications

Notifications are a powerful way to keep your team on track. Users can set up date-based triggers that send automated reminders to team members about upcoming deadlines. This can help ensure that projects stay on time. Users can also develop customized notification rules and develop automated workflows.

Users can choose when they receive notifications of reminders, update requests, approval requests, and more. These notifications can be in any method the user chooses from email to Slack. Notifications are also available in Smartsheet’s Notification Center.

Streamline Easy Access to Information

Project Managers waste precious time each day looking for and consolidating information. Users need an easier way to find the data and information they need for their day-to-day responsibilities. Smartsheet can help your company organize your data in a more effective way. Creating portals or centralized information hubs in Smartsheet can help everyone in your organization find the information they need.

Capture Information with Smartsheet Forms

Data collection and data entry are manual, inefficient processes that are subject to human error. Smartsheet forms are an effective way for companies to collect and capture data in the Smartsheet platform. Users are able to capture data that is saved in a structured way. This structured format allows users to review, analyze, and collect insights from the captured data.

Hire a Smartsheet Consultant

Your organization cannot be an expert in everything. You may not have the time or expertise to get the most out of your Smartsheet investment. Bringing in an outside consultant can help you improve your project management processes. An outside consultant has worked with other organizations and will know how to optimize your processes to ensure your team gets the most out of Smartsheet.

Smartsheet is a valuable project management software for companies of all sizes. Getting the most out of your Smartsheet investment is not always an easy task. Spending extra time optimizing your Smartsheet processes or hiring an outside consultant can help you get the most out of your Smartsheet investment.