Written By Chief of Staff Mandy Glidewell

Adapture has a new look and a brand-new website. We’re excited to finally share it with our partners, clients, and friends.

When approaching this redesign, we aimed to refresh the brand’s look-and-feel while staying true to our foundational, intentional messaging:

  1. that “change is the only constant”, and
  2. that to remain one step ahead, you have to think forward®.

With that in mind, we drew inspiration from the great thinkers depicted in our new Thinker’s Series—with Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher (to whom our favorite quote is attributed), as our face man.

Why look to the past when your goal is to think forward®? Because innovation doesn’t mean throwing away what we already know to be true; it means to build upon a pre-existing foundation of facts. Achieving progress requires us to acknowledge where we’ve come from and the forward thinkers who came before us.

Inspired by these great thinkers in history, the Adapture philosophy to think forward® means to apply our modern viewpoint to known truths that have withstood the test of time. Standing firmly on the foundation of these truths, we challenge ourselves to be thought leaders in IT and business.

We proudly hired Atlanta-based artist Sarah at S. Duff Media to bring our Thinkers to life, and we invite you to hover over their likenesses as you browse these pages to see the entirety of her contribution. We also worked with Angie Webb of Angie Webb Creative to make small, but meaningful changes to our brand guide. In addition to moving to an overall lighter, brighter aesthetic, the Adapture delta (a mathematical symbol for change) has been updated to illustrate the transition from “before” to “after”. Furthermore, we made intentional changes to our font styling—opting to include a modern serif font reminiscent of classic depictions of constants in mathematics.


Occurring continuously over a period of time.
In mathematics, a fixed value.

We’re excited to roll out our new brand identity and proud of the team that came together to bring it to life. Adapture is a team of bright thinkers, and if we can bring this kind of thought and intention simply to our branding, imagine the level of thought and intention our award-winning team of IT innovators, technical consultants, and engineers can bring to your IT strategy discussions.

Change is indeed a fixed value. As the only constant, it is ironically the only thing that will always remain unchanged.

When you need a partner to help you think forward®, think Adapture.

About the Author

Mandy Glidewell is the Chief of Staff at Adapture. Her career in technology has spanned 15 years, and she has been honored several times among the CRN Women of the Channel. She is based at the company’s Atlanta headquarters.