We’ve all read articles about the most prevalent interview faux pas, but some of the reasons employers might pass over you post-interview could be surprising. Read on to learn the biggest job interview mistakes potential employees make during the interview process.

1. Using your pre-interview research unwisely

Doing a quick Google search of your interviewer is never a bad idea. Chances are, you’ll run across some info you can use to help break the ice during your interview. Just be careful how you utilize that intelligence. Bringing up personal details can be perceived as unprofessional (and a little bit creepy) to potential employers.

2. Inflating your digital ego

Having an active social media life can be very beneficial to your job search, but make sure your profiles are accurate, professional, and up to date. Employers are increasingly looking to social media profiles to gather information about who you really are. Make sure your profiles are work appropriate and that you can back up every bullet point on your digital resume with true facts. Lying about your experience will only hurt your chances of nailing the job in the long run. Learn more about improving your social media presence for job recruiters.

3. Misusing your connections

Knowing someone within a company is a great way to get your foot in the door, but don’t abuse that relationship. Relying on your inside sources too much can make you appear lazy and unmotivated. Once your contact has helped make introductions, make contact and send your resume independently so employers will see your enthusiasm about the job.

4. Carrying too much baggage

Pack light on the day of your interview. Carrying big bags makes you seem unorganized and could make it appear as though the interview is just another stop on your list of errands. Bring only the necessities and make sure everything is organized and neatly packed to avoid one of the least thought about, but most important job interview mistakes.

5. Focusing your attention on the job perks

It’s certainly exciting to interview at a company with lots of extra bonuses like a cool office space or alternative work schedules, but don’t let your enthusiasm toward those little extras outshine your interest in the job. Employers want to see that you’re attracted to the job because you’d like to perform the duties of the position, not because you just want the perks. Make sure to focus the conversation on your interest in the position itself.

6. Letting your outfit do the talking

You’ve been told a million times the importance of dressing sharply for an interview, but the outfit is not the most important thing to consider when prepping. Don’t assume that a polished look can make up for a sloppy interview. Make sure your outfit is appropriate and sophisticated, and then focus your energy on planning your interview strategy.

7. Speaking too soon

If all goes well, you’ll have a second interview or maybe even an offer after you nail your interview, but wait until you’re a safe distance away before celebrating. Remember, people in elevators, bathrooms and even the parking lot could hear your overjoyed phone conversations and perceive it as over-confidence. Wait until you are in your car or otherwise in complete privacy before making those celebratory phone calls.

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