These days, love in the workplace is generally acceptable throughout companies large and small. performed a survey where thirty-nine percent of workers admitted that they had dated a co-worker at least once throughout their career. Now that’s a lot of love! In honor of Valentine’s Day and this month of love, we will discuss the top three DO’s and DON’Ts of office dating etiquette. Words of wisdom: Leave your PDA (public displays of affection) at home!

DO’s and DON’Ts of Office Dating

Top Three DO’s:

DO separate work from personal matters. Love, in all forms, can interfere with your work. Separate your personal life from your professional one in order to perform at your best. Whether or not you are involved with someone in the work environment, don’t mix business with pleasure.

DO your best to be transparent. Throughout the early stages of dating in the workplace, couples tend to hide their feelings for one another from colleagues. You figure no one knows, you’ve kept it cool, although on the outside you’re glowing. Before you have time to even think about it, everyone is talking about the two of you; welcome to the world of gossip. Be up front and honest with your colleagues when you feel like it is the right time. They will understand.

DO abide by company policies and code of conduct. If you are in a relationship at your workplace, whether you are dating, engaged or married, be sure to abide by your company’s standards and guidelines. This information should be located in the employee handbook and you should definitely use it as a reference. This particularly applies when dating a subordinate or a boss/manager. Some companies have very strict policies related to dating a higher up that can be grounds for immediate termination.

Top Three DON’Ts:

DON’T display physical signs of affection. It is easy for your emotions for your significant other to get the best of you and fog your judgement, but you need to refrain from showing physical signs of affection in the workplace. Public displays of affection could be seen as a sign of disrespect towards co-workers and could make others feel uncomfortable. If you are in a meeting or luncheon with your significant other, do not whisper sweet nothings or play footsie under the table. Do not discuss your dinner plans or who’s picking up the kids after school. Stay classy and focus on your work.

DON’T talk about your relationship. Not everyone wants to hear the raw details of your love life. Refrain from chatting about your relationship with colleagues. If you are having issues with your loved one, designate time around your work schedules to communicate with one another. If you need to consult a friend, take a quick break and give them a call.

DON’T offer special treatment because of the relationship. If you and your significant other work together, you must keep it professional and not offer any special treatment to one another. Other employees may view this as a hostile environment and it could even result in a lawsuit. Under no circumstances can you favor one another because you are in a relationship.

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