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Defeating the Cyber Kill Chain

What is the Kill Chain? Cyber-attackers executing advanced threats against organizations utilize what’s known as the cyber kill chain. The kill chain is the “high-level framework or workflow that advanced threat actors employ in their efforts to compromise the target,” according to Dell SecureWorks. “Actors behind advanced threats have a toolbox of exploit techniques at their disposal,” says [...]

2016-02-10T11:08:47-05:00February 10th, 2016|Cybersecurity, Security|
  • ADAPTURE DELL Geopartner

ADAPTURE Becomes a Dell GeoPartner

Partnership Allows Dell to Leverage ADAPTURE to Deliver Services ATLANTA, January 1, 2016–ADAPTURE has been named a Dell GeoPartner. The partnership, approved on Dec. 9, 2015, allows Dell to utilize ADAPTURE’s expertise to deliver professional services to Dell’s end users. The GeoPartner program gives Dell’s direct sales representatives the ability to leverage ADAPTURE’s unique platforms and engineering talent [...]

2016-01-15T16:39:11-05:00January 15th, 2016|News & Press|
  • kill chain

Disrupting the Cyber-Attack Kill Chain

Cybercriminals today are utilizing increasingly complex techniques to infiltrate corporate networks—while evading detection—in an effort to steal intellectual property and other sensitive information. Knowing the techniques cyber-attackers use and how to defend against them is paramount to an organization’s success in disrupting the cyber-attack kill chain. The Onslaught of Malware Attackers are constantly bombarding networks with malware in [...]

2015-11-09T13:42:11-05:00November 9th, 2015|Cybersecurity, Security|

[WATCH VIDEO] ADAPTURE Tailoring Your Security Event Presented by Dell SonicWall

Video recap of the Tailoring Your Security event ADAPTURE hosted with Dell at Maggiano's Little Italy, Atlanta. ADAPTURE Senior Security Consultant Elliott Abraham delivered a security seminar while guests dined. Each guest left with a complimentary custom shirt order from Tom James! To learn more about ADAPTURE security solutions, or other events like the Tailoring Your Security event, [...]

2015-04-01T15:57:57-04:00April 1st, 2015|Security|
  • Dell's educational strides

Tomorrow’s Classroom Today: Dell Making Education Strides

Dell's educational strides continues its push to modernize classrooms around the globe with several new solutions aimed at enhancing the learning experiences of students. The new products – the Dell Chromebook 11, Venue 10 and Venue 10 Pro tablets, Latitude 11 Education Series laptop and the Dell Interactive Project S510 – help schools create a productive, personalized digital learning [...]

2015-03-09T11:11:16-04:00March 9th, 2015|News & Press|

[INFOGRAPHIC] Data Center Downtime Cost

Disaster Recovery is often neglected because it doesn't generate revenue or reduce costs. However, without a strong data recovery solution, your organization may lose thousands of dollars due to data center downtime. To take a more business-centric approach, you'll need to step outside your comfort zone and demonstrate the value that data recovery brings to the business. Get [...]

2015-02-11T16:10:00-05:00February 11th, 2015|Security|
  • Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery: Your Company’s Data Needs a Hero

In this post: Learn how to develop a disaster recovery plan for your organization after a virtual attack.  From natural disasters - like Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 - to issues such as human error, malicious attacks, data corruption and storage failures, there are many “villains” seeking to harm your organization’s valuable data. But businesses don’t have to live [...]

2015-02-02T17:42:01-05:00February 2nd, 2015|Security|
  • VDI in education

Will the Rise of VDI in Education Solve Our Problems?

Computers in education used to be relegated to small, relatively easy to manage “labs” where students would attend specialized “computer” classes that involved basic computer interaction and word processing education. As technology has grown in our daily lives – most of us carry mobile computers in our pocket that would blow previous desktop technology out of the water [...]

2014-10-06T17:16:48-04:00October 6th, 2014|Infrastructure, Virtualization|
  • Dell Premier

PRESS RELEASE: ADAPTURE Officially Attains Dell Premier Partner Status after Successful CentricsIT Transition

CentricsIT held Dell Premier partnership for three years before transitioning to ADAPTURE ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 2013—ADAPTURE announced this month it has officially been recognized as a Dell Premier partner after successfully transitioning the partnership from CentricsIT to its VAR/consulting spinoff ADAPTURE in July. ADAPTURE plans to dominate the VAR and IT consulting space as the only Dell-focused solutions [...]

2013-12-31T16:10:24-05:00December 31st, 2013|News & Press|
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