The costs of interrupting mission-critical applications go far beyond monetary loss. Can your business afford data center downtime? Check out our infographic to learn about the fringe effects of data center service disruption and how you can avoid these detrimental issues in your environment.

Data Center Downtime. The true cost of data center downtime. 71% of senior-level management believe their data center is crucial to their business. The average cost of data center downtime is $5,600 per minute and $505,500 per event. Additional downtime costs include data loss, equipment damage, root-cause detection, productivity loss, legal repercussions and reputation repercussions. Can your business afford data center downtime? When service interruption is not an option, a third-party maintenance provider can keep you up and running with SLAs that meet your organization’s needs and budget. With ADAPTURE as your third party maintenance provider, you can stay up and running and avoid the costly effects of downtime. The expertise and experience ADAPTURE provides will assist your organization in creating a downtime solution that meets the specific needs and budget of your organization.

For more information on downtime, click here to read ADAPTURE’s infographic on recovery costs from data center downtime.