Application visibility and reporting is a valuable tool for improving application performance. The visibility that older methods of logging and agent-based monitoring provide is limited and outdated. Modern application visibility and reporting solutions give IT teams the data they need to make better decisions around networks and applications.

The Importance of Application Visibility and Reporting

Without access to the right up-to-date data, organizations are making blind decisions around their applications. This leads to upset customers and suboptimal application performance. Businesses who do not adopt application visibility and reporting are also falling behind the competition.

Improve Application Performance

When network traffic becomes overloaded, application performance can suffer, and user experience is greatly affected. IT teams need the right data and visibility to address application issues and improve performance quickly and effectively.

Application visibility and reporting allows businesses to analyze the performance of services and applications. Users can see important performance metrics, such as transactions per second, user sessions, and server latency. Businesses can utilize these metrics to better understand applications and identify areas where they can improve performance.

Identify Users

Application visibility and reporting give you a live look at the user information along with the IP address. Businesses can now be aware of who is connecting to their network and accessing their applications to prevent malicious attackers looking to infiltrate their network.

Using application visibility and reporting solutions, your business can identify suspicious activity from malicious users and take action to reduce cyberattack risks. Using the proper tools can reduce the amount of time cybersecurity teams need to investigate unusual traffic and user behavior.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a task that many IT teams struggle with. Your business needs to plan for the future, and this involves understanding how your users interact with your applications now. Application visibility and reporting gives you the data you need to prepare your application and network for future capacity needs

Meet Customer Needs

Creating better applications that meet customer needs is not an easy, straightforward task.

Application visibility and reporting help your business learn how users interact with your application which helps your IT team make changes that better meet the needs of your customers.

Application Visibility and Reporting with ExtraHop

ExtraHop gives users application performance data and visibility, even when they are not hosting the application. Administrators can see all transactions between applications and users for complete visibility. Advanced machine learning algorithms automatically classify and sort application data to validate app usage and identify issues faster, reducing the time to solve internal issues by up to 90%.

Improving application visibility and reporting is vital for organizations that are looking to optimize their IT operations and performance. Businesses can better meet the needs of their customers and identify potential cyberattacks. ExtraHop is a vital tool that can serve both your IT team and, ultimately, your customers.