In today’s tech-driven world, the bounds of an office exist far beyond its four walls, and freelancers are hotter than ever. Freelancers help you grow your business with less overhead, are quicker to hire, and are top-quality candidates. But how do you know that working with a freelancer is the right move for your business? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you find freelancers that are top-tier talent in a sea of candidates? We’re here to help you wade through the waters of the modern gig economy.

The Goal of the Gig Economy

The “gig economy” specifically refers to hiring for a single project, a short season, or a certain measurable task compared to hiring long-term contractors or employees. Gig-based freelancers are looking to accomplish a specific outcome for your business. They develop their own skills instead of relying on their employers to pay for training or education.

Freelancing can have the connotation of a recently unemployed job-seeker, but today many freelancers actually choose this role over a full-time position. These experts enjoy building a project-based strategy and working for a variety of clients.

Benefits: Scalable Team

Freelancers and contract employees make scaling your team quick and seamless. If your business is growing rapidly, you might not have the capacity to take on a full-time employee with full benefits. By taking on freelancers, you can meet the productivity demands required for growth and scalability without greatly increasing your payroll or administrative costs. This applies specifically to meeting seasonal goals.

Benefits: Experts on Demand

Sometimes you require an expert working on a project, but you don’t need them beyond the project. Hiring a freelancer gives you that option. No more sorting through the health insurance and HR hassle of hiring a new employee, and you won’t have to worry about keeping them busy after the project ends.

You can also be confident you’re hiring an expert. If you aren’t able to afford a full-time expert on your staff or don’t have enough work to keep them busy all week, you can get the same level of service for the specific hours you need them.

How to Find the Right Freelancers

So, you’ve determined it’s time to find a freelancer for your team. First, you need to determine exactly the work you need from the freelancer. If you’re clear on your expectations the search will be much more focused and you’ll know an ideal candidate when you see one.

With the current popularity of freelancing, it might seem like everyone is a freelancer these days… So, it can’t be that hard to find one, right?

Well, with popularity comes complication. Sure, you’ll find a candidate, eventually, after endless time searching job sites and social media; but, if efficiency is the name of your game, working with a staffing agency or recruiter can make the process even faster and provide higher quality candidates.

Here at TCG, we have a network of qualified freelancers ready to work in many different roles. With our extensive network of contacts in the industry, we already know the perfect candidate, so you don’t have to sort through resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Ready to fill a role with a short-term contractor or freelancer? Our contacts in the IT industry will connect you to the high-quality talent to help you scale your business or meet your year-end goals. Let’s connect today to get started.