You realize you have a new need within in a department, so you consult with the HR team and post the position on company job boards. Tons of resumes pour in, and you don’t know where to start. Should you hire that first candidate who made a great impression? Or do you wait and see who else applies? How long does it take to hire? How long should it?

While there’s no one solution that fits everyone, here are a few ways to tackle this complicated issue.

Annual Hiring Cycles Affect How Long It Takes to Hire

Certain times of the year make it easier and faster to hire. For example, many employees find out their pay increases and promotions (or lack of) by January and begin looking for new jobs at that time (on your end, you’ve probably also evaluated your budget and realized you have room for a new hire then too). Additionally, there is typically an influx around New Year’s Eve, potentially inspired by the “new year, new you” inspiration.

In early spring, graduates look for positions around the country, making it a great time to fill those en