Despite the primary emphasis by most company leaders on things like sales goals, progressive benchmarks, and industry awards, most organizations are truly defined by their Talent Brand more than we’d like to think. Talent Brand, often known as “company culture” describes the unique personality of your business. It’s not stated outright like your mission statement, but it is equally as important and governs not only the type of employees you win but also the way they interact internally with colleagues and externally with outside vendors and clients.

The heartbeat of your organization depends on a strong company culture. Nope, this is not a hyperbole; there are proven benefits to having a well-protected, distinct organizational culture.

  • Strong company culture helps you effectively attract and retain employees resulting in a lower turnover rate. When people love their jobs, it saves everyone time and money.
  • Corporate culture contributes to a strong identity for your company. Employees know what is valued and will understand the importance of mirroring those values as they work.
  • Having an encouraging environment helps produce a positive reputation and image for your business. As staff members feel valued and unified by the uplifting personality of their organization, the word gets out to the community, potential vendors, and partners. All of this can result in greater customer loyalty.

Now that you understand why corporate culture is crucial to the success and profitability of a business, you might wonder how you can cultivate your own strong Talent Brand. One shortcut to success is to take a page from the book of other companies known for their incredible cultures.

Get inspired by these organizations that are taking company culture to a whole new level.

  • Salesforce – Listed as one of the top 10 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine, Salesforce has changed the game in employee attraction and retention. With its internal referral program (complete with some amazing perks like first-class plane tickets and cash prizes,) nearly 60% of new employees have come from people they already know and trust. As a result, Salesforce has created a culture that urges its employees to do effective recruiting and produced a fun, connected work environment.
  • FullContact – This company, a contact management platform provider, shows employees they are valued while simultaneously boosting future productivity with their Paid, Paid Vacation perk. After learning that disconnecting is crucial to mental health and 28% of salaried employees aren’t able to save money during the year, FullContact realized that even with 15 days of paid vacation per year, many employees still can’t afford a real vacation to properly decompress. So, they decided to give each employee $7,500 for vacation with three simple rules: you must take a vacation, you must disconnect, and you can’t work AT ALL while on vacation. Ultimately FullContact has achieved immense growth because employees feel valued and want to do the best possible job for a company they love. A win all around.
  • The Boston Consulting Group – With company benefits like amazing healthcare plans featuring $5 co-pays, an emphasis on self-care, and free breakfast each day, BCG is helping employees take care of their physical and mental health. In an age where employees are constantly plugged-in navigating work-life balance is becoming more and more challenging, even simple perks like these can go a long way in boosting the morale and longevity of your employees.

Yes, these companies are spending a pretty penny to improve company culture, but as you can see it has paid off in more ways than one. Low employee turnover decreases spending on hiring and training new employees every few months. Better employee communication and respect leaves less room for expensive nightmare HR situations. Greater company morale helps ensure efficient, engaged, and loyal workers. All of these join forces to attract more customers as your Talent Brand and company culture reaches outside the four walls of your office to the sidewalks of your city and beyond.