It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Have you started your new year’s resolution list yet? You might have some personal goals, but what about setting some goals for 2019 hiring practices? Add a few of these to your list to start out this new year with the right mindset.

#1—Be Clear about Roles and Responsibilities

Many people outside of the IT world don’t fully understand the varied types of IT professionals out there – some might think the world of IT is limited to simple tech support and computer set up in the office. It can be a challenge to get clear on the role and responsibilities for a new position when other key players don’t know what they’re looking for. This can be especially important for small businesses. Because of limited budgets, you need to know the exact needs you’re looking to fill to round out your team, but now is a good time to re-define your goals for 2019 hiring practices.

A staffing agency can offer guidance on the typical responsibilities for a particular industry role. As you define duties, you might even realize that you only need a temporary employee to solve a specific problem. You’re more likely to hire the wrong person if you don’t know what you want from the right person.

#2—Ask Better Interview Questions

Relying on the interview alone for job placement is a huge mistake for HR managers, but how do you start the process with a good interview? Ask better questions.

If you ask the same questions asked at every other company, you’re going to get the same answers. You can probably even guess the answer! You need to ask questions that reveal problem-solving abilities and personality. Consider questions about your candidate’s values or how he or she would describe the perfect job.

When someone looks perfect on paper, it’s time to figure out if he or she will work well with the other employees or management. A staffing agency can help you source the candidate with the right qualifications, then you can take the final step of evaluating the individual’s fit with the culture.

#3—Keep Candidates Up-to-Date

While the hiring process can be hectic – with resumes to review and interviews to schedule – don’t forget to keep your candidates up-to-date on how things are going. You know you’re not the only person they’re interviewing with, so make sure they’re in the loop. If not, they might choose another job offer simply because they didn’t have yours.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the hiring details, a staffing agency can ease your workload by pre-qualifying candidates and only sending you the best. You’ll be able to get the position filled faster and with less hassle.

#4—Talk Less, Listen More

While this is a good goal for your personal life, it also applies well to hiring! When interviewing candidates, you want to determine their abilities, not just sell them the job. Ask follow-up questions to learn their processes and observe their non-verbal language.

The more you listen to candidates, the more you’ll understand who they really are and how they might fit into your organization.

Hire Better in the New Year

Ready to make 2019 the best year yet?