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Understand the Full ROI of Gigamon for Enterprises

As an IT decision-maker, you’ve already heard how the ROI Gigamon provides via its monitoring capabilities and actionable insights you need to drive performance and keep your environments safe from cyberattacks through: Broker traffic: Gigamon reduces blind spots and delivers optimized traffic to advanced monitoring and security tools. Reduction of high-bandwidth traffic: Gigamon enables you to restrict access [...]

2019-05-31T09:25:27-04:00May 31st, 2019|Networking, Security|
  • network traffic log

Check Point Logging vs Traditional Network Traffic Log Analyzers

Most firewalls enable you to export a syslog file of filtered TCP/IP traffic, but many of them don’t include the tools such as a network traffic log to index and analyze firewall events. To get the benefits of a quality log analyzer, organizations are forced to either purchase these tools separately or build them in-house using open source [...]

2019-01-31T10:09:51-05:00January 31st, 2019|Security|

Gigamon for Network Traffic Control: Planning Your Next Network Build

Despite the pace of IT innovation, there is still no one network tool that does everything well. As a result, companies need to layer their security tools to build the most robust line of defense and response protocols, like network traffic control. Addressing your visibility issues alone isn’t enough— if you do not configure all your components seamlessly, [...]

2018-09-12T08:55:19-04:00September 12th, 2018|Networking, Security|
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