Job descriptions outline the necessary skills for the job at hand, but what else are companies looking for in new hires, and what attributes will set you apart from other applicants? Ironically, tech companies are looking for more than just pertinent technical knowledge. These five skills will help you land your dream tech job and ensure you have the job in the bag.

You’re good at what you do.

This seems like the most obvious skill, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that you must be good at what you do to land your dream job.  This not only means possessing the base skill set required in your field but also continuing to educate yourself throughout your career on the latest technologies. Tech companies want to see candidates who are natural innovators and who are excited to implement new changes. Stay on top of what’s going on in your field and you’ll end up at the top of the hire list.

You’re comfortable (and good at) communicating with others.

Employers know that the backbone of any effective team is strong communication, and even if you’ll be working in more of a solo role, it’s still crucial to display this skill. A well-designed resume, well-thought-out and well-written emails, and a clear phone voice can all attribute to an employer’s perception of your communication skills during the interview process.

Your passions and strengths extend beyond an isolated skill set.

No one wants to work with a robot. Employers are becoming more interested in the things you do outside of your normal work. Make sure to include things like extracurricular activities, volunteer work, etc. to convey a bit of who you are on your resume. Your technical expertise should still remain at the forefront of your application, but you never know how your interests outside of work may translate to an expansion of your job role down the road.

You’re a strategic thinker.

Companies want employees who can help them grow and change as the technological climate shifts. Make sure that you exemplify your strategic thinking skills throughout the application and interview process. Provide specific and quantitative examples of instances where you solved problems creatively or implemented a new process. To truly blow your prospective employer away and land your dream tech job, provide specific examples of how you might innovate or inspire change in their company.

You’re passionate about what you do.

Recruiters want candidates who are excited to grow as a part of their company. If you don’t show them that you love what you do, you might come off looking like a flight risk or a poor team player. Speak clearly and enthusiastically during your interview and keep all email communications light and cheery. If you’re truly excited about the opportunity, that will shine through in the way you communicate.