With a surplus of more than one million cybersecurity jobs available today, the cybersecurity industry is experiencing a short supply of skilled workers with a huge demand for talent. For small businesses and large corporations alike, this trend is expected to continue for years to come.

As businesses store more and more sensitive company information behind network firewalls on what they assume are “secure” servers, data security is more important than ever, not only for a company’s bottom line but also for its reputation.

Finding professionals who possess the right cybersecurity skills is the first step to keeping your organization’s sensitive and valuable data secure. Here are a few of the key positions you should be hiring to ensure you have a bulletproof cybersecurity team.

Data Security Analyst

This professional interprets and analyzes the security of your current system and helps you establish and create, new, better systems that protect your data from threats of a breach. Data Security Analysts create the entire framework around which your security system exists. If your system is infiltrated, they repair the damage and find the reason for the breach.

Intrusion Detection Analyst

Professionals in this area work to detect potentially harmful activity that attempts to compromise the security of an organization. A skilled expert in this position would identify threats that are attempting to hack your system. There are many types of intrusion detection, including network-based, host-based, and physical.1

Intrusion Prevention Analyst

Depending on how vast your network is, this might be the same person in charge of Intrusion Detection, as it involves many of the same skills. However, the person in this position also possesses the skills necessary to prevent the threatening behavior.

Information Security Auditor

The auditor tests your infrastructure’s effectiveness at blocking and flagging suspicious activity or threats. He or she works with others to ensure your system is totally secure.

Data Protection Analyst

Your cybersecurity team needs someone with exceptional knowledge of the best practice procedures for maintaining and organizing data. They implement these policies to ensure that only the correct people can access your confidential information.

Secure Software Developer

If a software program has flaws in the code, hackers may have ample opportunity to invade the system and cause a data breach. Breaches can cost businesses a lot of money in the long run, so it’s better to invest in a skilled secure software developer now than to pay for a damaged reputation later.

Network Monitoring Analyst

While there are many applications that can perform continuous network monitoring, they have their limits. These monitoring programs can flag suspicious activity, but you also need a skilled professional to make quick decisions based on information flagged by the software. An employee in this position needs enough experience and knowledge to know exactly what he or she is looking for to assure your information is secure.

Data security is more important than ever. If you want to keep your company’s information secure and stay ahead of threats, you’ll need the right team to tackle your cybersecurity jobs. ADAPTURE places exceptional candidates across the United States in high-level IT, accounting, finance, human resources, and customer service roles, among many others.