Cybersecurity simulation event demonstrates risks associated with cyber threats toward Georgia Businesses

ATLANTA, Ga., Mar. 2015 — The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is holding its annual cybersecurity simulation on May 5 at Southern Polytechnic State University. Demonstrations at this event simulate cyber attacks, reinforce preventative measures, and address recovery actions in the instance of an attack. Security Consultant Tim Cullen will represent ADAPTURE. Cullen was also a member of last year’s cyber attack team. ADAPTURE President Robert Pastor will also attend.

This year’s demonstration will overtake the C-Level, Senior Management, and Practitioner Dream Team of the Big Utility Company (BUC) along with its Water, Electric, and Gas subsidiaries. The event begins with a brief introduction regarding BUC’s background which impacts the simulations performed later in the day. The simulation portion of the day will consist of three one-hour attacks targeting various issues and addressing ways to recover.

“The purpose of this simulation is to give Georgia businesses some insight on the implications and risks associated with cyber threats, along with how to handle these attacks when present,” stated Cullen. “Knowledge is crucial in preventing future issues, and the more that businesses can learn regarding cybersecurity, the better off they will be in facilitating future calls to action,” Cullen concluded.

With over 300 attendees ranging from executives to law enforcement and other cybersecurity professionals, this TAG event stands out as one of the best simulation exercises in the U.S. If you would like to attend this event to gather more information on cyber technology, register here.

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