Are you unhappy with your current job? Looking for a new job can be daunting. It is time-consuming and almost impossible when you are already locked into a full-time position. A lack of time and resources often leaves would-be job seekers trapped in jobs they dislike. Many passive job seekers are also fearful that their current employers will catch wind of their decision to look around.  It’s time to put all these worries to rest. LinkedIn has recently rolled out some new job search tools that will make passive searching a little less intimidating.

Open Candidates provides total privacy when you are open to new career opportunities

With the new LinkedIn tool, Open Candidates, you can now privately signal to recruiters who use LinkedIn’s premium (paid) tier of service (prices begin at $8,000 and vary depending on the number of licenses) when you’re ready for the next step in your career. “This has real value for candidates,” says Kevin Raxter, managing partner here at The Centrics Group, in a recent article published by MONEY/ “It gives your application another push; another opportunity to speak on your behalf.” The best part about this tool is that recruiters must verify that they are with an authentic recruiting agency, which provides assurance that you will not be bombarded with illegitimate job opportunities.

Open Candidates also gives you the ability to have more specificity in your job requirements

Another great feature to the new Open Candidates tool is the ability to specify job titles and industries that you are interested in, as well as geographic locations that you are open to. This opens new doors to job-seekers who are open to relocating or interested in opportunities in more than one industry.

Career Pages enables more in-depth research

LinkedIn has now made researching companies easier through its newly released Career Pages platform. The platform focuses on the company overview, relevant job openings, and company culture. The Centrics Group was one of only 30 companies that successfully piloted this employer branding and research feature. The additional features introduced with the new “Career Pages” will make researching potential employers effortless, helping prospective employees gain insight into culture, benefits, and other company intangibles.

Looking for a new career has never been easier. The new LinkedIn job search tools practically do the job for you. Open Candidates allows you to search for specific jobs or relocation options privately, without alarming your current employer. The new enhanced company Career Pages make it easier for you to learn about potential employers and co-workers to ensure a good fit.