You need a data fabric that unifies all your data, gives you visibility to everything in your cloud and offers the same storage operating system in your cloud as on-premises. With limited (if any) time available to train teams on new data management systems, organizations are turning to NetApp ONTAP in the cloud—the next generation of data management software.

Here’s why companies are leveraging NetApp ONTAP in their hybrid environments.

How Does it Work?

NetApp ONTAP simplifies your hybrid cloud storage environment. It efficiently and securely (even automatically) moves data between on-premise NetApp storage and cloud platforms with a wide range of deployment options to best fit your application and business needs. Additionally, for the organizations using multi-cloud environments, NetApp ONTAP enables you to move your data between separate cloud infrastructures so you can optimize cloud costs.

Three Primary Use Cases

Production Applications in the Cloud

NetApp ONTAP helps connect your current enterprise workloads to new, complex applications with no downtime, no interruptions, and no data loss. NetApp ONTAP offers high-performance cloud data management and protection for all your current and emergent application needs and equips you with advanced tools to quickly and securely move and sync data between on-premises and cloud environments (without having to rewrite applications).

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

NetApp ONTAP’s Disaster Recovery keeps you compliant with data protection regulations and protects your data from being compromised by a natural disaster, cyber-attacks, and data corruption. Failover and failback processes are fully configurable, enabling you to replicate and sync your data, leverage snapshots so you only need to transfer changes and recover data from a specific point in time.

Accelerate Your DevOps

The driving force behind your DevOps effort is to provide your development team with the granular control you need for CI/CD. This puts a huge burden on your IT resources to come up with a storage platform that is automated, on-demand, high-speed, high-volume, secure, and flexible across different infrastructures. It’s also why many businesses are moving to containerized cloud infrastructures. NetApp ONTAP helps transition your DevOps to the cloud with ease, with cloning technology to support automated development and test processes (giving you the ability to clone hundreds of environments in a matter of minutes).

Which Cloud Platform Do You Choose?

NetApp ONTAP partners with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web System (AWS) so that you can select the right cloud platform for your unique business needs.


Azure NetApp features a native enterprise file service where the ONTAP software platform is directly hardwired into Azure to provide exceptionally high performance. In this way, Azure NetApp meets the stringent demands of your most complicated applications and services with seamless efficiency. Azure also provides integrated data management, an intuitive Azure management interface, reliable cloud backup, and SaaS backup and restoration.


Leverage NetApp’s AWS Cloud Management tools to simplify your resource usage and drive more efficient production. AWS is already known for its high transfer stability and cost-effective, flexible data availability zones. With NetApp ONTAP’s software-based hybrid cloud storage environments, your installation, resource assignment, and provisioning of data processes are enhanced. Moreover, NetApp enables you to seamlessly automate your data movement to and from AWS.

What are the benefits of NetApp ONTAP?

NetApp ONTAP is an economical, robust solution for your hybrid cloud storage and data management needs.

No matter where you are in the cloud, NetApp ONTAP is an intuitive management platform that streamlines monitoring, resource usage, and performance, guaranteeing up to 60% more IOPS with sub-millisecond latency. With 100 times greater security to prevent drive failures, ONTAP also provides triple-parity RAID protection and expanded storage encryption.

Manage your hybrid environments more intelligently and efficiently with NetApp ONTAP. Discover other ways to benefit from NetApp solutions.