Written by Andy Thompson
Senior Solutions Architect at ADAPTURE

What’s the next wave in wireless?

I am going to introduce this topic by discussing 802.11ac Wave 2, as I believe this is a foundation for many of the new and exciting technologies that may soon hit the market. Even though AC Wave 2 may not be a new technology, it will certainly play a major factor in many different vertical markets throughout the coming year.

The main objective of AC has been to bridge the gap between the dramatic speed differences that have existed between Wired vs. Wireless technology. This is rapidly becoming a moot point.

What is Wave 2 and what are the key benefits?

  • Unleashes Multi-Gigabit Possibilities
  • More Connected Devices
  • Stronger Performance
  • More Bandwidth and Flexibility

So in layman’s terms: bigger pipes, support for many more concurrent connections, s