It’s no longer the 1990s−but the phrase “information technology” is still stuck there. It’s time to consider taking the “I” out of “IT.”

All technology contains/handles/processes information. The phrase “information technology” just repeats what we already know. Technology focuses on hosting, moving, and protecting data. To continue using “information technology” is the equivalent of saying “financial money.” For an industry that values conciseness and clarity, its moniker doesn’t lend to that philosophy.

The “I.T.” department manages data. It’s part of the technology job description. But we don’t need it in the title; it’s pretty obvious. It’s time to start differentiating technology and technology experts by areas of expertise. Cybersecurity technology. Cloud technology. Network technology. Generalist technology. Technology strategy. Technology management. These are all different skillsets that require different knowledge and experience.

Isn’t it past time to take the “I” out of IT and move forward with the more accurate label of simply “technology”?