As we continue to work through these challenging times, businesses need to rely on secure cloud services to support the health and safety of individuals using or visiting customers’ facilities. It is incumbent upon enterprise networks to adopt measures that create safe spaces. Companies are making the transition to an AI-driven network strategy to ensure their infrastructure and end users remain secure.

Doing so in an effective, scalable, and non-intrusive way poses a significant challenge to many organizations. Some products require large amounts of information, while others require individuals to install an app on their devices. Both approaches increase user concern and discourage adoption.

Mist Deploys an AI-Driven Network to Deliver User Insight

Enterprise customers rely on Mist AI technology from Juniper Networks for a superb Wi-Fi experience.  Mist delivered the first AI-driven network almost five years ago, born out of the need to combine network automation with insights to drive great user experiences.

With the acquisition by Juniper last year, Mist continues to build on its vision of the AI-driven Enterprise with robust features and has become the AI-driven networking platform of choice for real customers all over the world, including five of the Fortune 10, over 30 of the top 50 global retailers, two of the most prestigious universities and the largest healthcare network in the United States.

Benefits of an AI-Driven Network

The ultimate goal of an AI-driven network is to proactively maintain network performance with zero human intervention. For example, if the network detects that a Zoom call will degrade in quality due to issues with a WAN circuit, the AI can adjust policy to bypass the issue entirely, creating an unmatched virtual experience for your meetings and events.

Mist’s Marvis is key to this mission. Marvis is an IT administrator’s best friend, providing prescriptive actions and proactive notifications on how to constantly optimize user experiences. Last year, Juniper/Mist announced the Marvis Actions dashboard, a one-of-a-kind single location for identifying and correcting top wired and wireless network issues. With WAN assurance, Marvis now provides insight into the WAN as well.

Marvis helps your IT team:

  • Maximize User Experience
  • Prioritize IT Spend
  • Gain New Insights
  • Detect Anomalies

… and so much more.

Juniper has taken the automation, insight and actions provided by Marvis one step further by adding a conversational interface. Juniper customers can interact with its AI-engine in a simple and refreshing way – as if they were talking to another human IT expert. Marvis can answer questions, ask clarifying questions for additional drill down and guide IT administrators to other areas of interest/importance.

AI-Driven Network Coverage Recognized by Industry Experts

To further validate what many of customers have realized in deploying Mist for their multiple locations, Juniper Networks (Mist), has been positioned as “Furthest in Completeness of Vision” for the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location, Global, based on a combination of independent research and interviews that Gartner held as part of its research.

Mist is using AI to revolutionize IT.  They’ve combined an AI engine with a modern, microservices cloud architecture to deliver unprecedented IT automation and insight into user experiences.

With Mist, you can:

  • Save time and money with network automation – from deployment on Day 0 to troubleshooting on Day 365.
  • Increase productivity by enabling your IT department to focus on strategic tasks instead of rote manual operations.
  • Deliver amazing experiences to employees, guests, and customers with network services that are predictable, reliable, and tailored to individual needs.

This is the new enterprise network, powered by AI.

Deploying Mist with the Industry Experts at ADAPTURE

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