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Ultimate Software Storage Solution Video


Partnership between Adapture and SolidFire strenghtened the storage performance of Ultimate Software. The partnership between Adapture and SolidFire brought storage solutions to Ultimate Software by reinventing their storage performance and bringing an end to disruptive upgrades. Check out the video below for more information. [...]

Academic Charter School EUC Procurement Solution


Adapture Becomes the Tech Procurement Partner for an Academic Charter School. An academic charter school serving over 800 students needed a technology partner that could be a one-stop-shop for its technology procurement needs. With an academic program focused on substantial achievement improvement in the STEM fields, the school needed [...]

Global Hospitality Group CyberArk Cybersecurity Solution


This Global Hotel Conglomerate Needed an Upgrade to Their Current Privileged Access Security Applications. The hospitality group identified 30+ High-Value Applications (HVAs) across the enterprise that required integration of CyberArk’s security functionality and security suite. The client lacked bandwidth and the expertise to properly implement CyberArk. This hospitality [...]

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Managed Service Datasheet


The world of cloud storage is rapidly evolving. Organizations are moving to the cloud for its robust scalability, flexibility, and agility. As organizations move data to the cloud, they need to manage it efficiently while meeting strict compliance requirements. With NetApp’s new solution – Cloud Volumes ONTAP Managed Service [...]

Security Features in ONTAP 9 Datasheet


Security Features in ONTAP 9 Datasheet With the introduction of ONTAP 9, NetApp has continued to evolve its data management software with security as an integral part. The latest releases contain many new security features that are invaluable for your organization to protect its data across your hybrid cloud [...]

NetApp Data Migration Services Datasheet


NetApp Data Migration Services – Datasheet NetApp offers data migration services to help you get it right the first time. When moving from legacy storage environments, they offer proven methodologies and best practices to ensure fast deployment of your new SAN or NAS environment to minimize risk and disruption. [...]

Shape Enterprise Defense Deployment Overview


Shape Enterprise Defense can be deployed inline on-premises, in the cloud, or consumed via an API Fill out the form to the right to download this datasheet and learn exactly how Shape Enterprise Defense can be deployed.

Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools


Understand and Disrupt Sophisticated Attackers Who Retool Against Your Countermeasures From the stereotypical loner in the basement to organized criminal gangs and nation states, attackers have become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade. They have the same skills, tools, and services at their fingertips as your IT teams do. [...]

Attacker Economics


Understanding Economics Behind Cyber Attacks- What Makes Your Company a Prime Target? Automated attacks are proliferating against organizations around the globe. As the cost and investment of launching these attacks continues to plummet, companies are increasingly experiencing credential stuffing attacks that can lead to account takeover and fraud. Attackers [...]

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