ADAPTURE Senior Security Consultant brings knowledge of cybersecurity to the ACUTA Cyber Security Task Force, an educational organization.

ATLANTA, September 22, 2014 — ADAPTURE Senior Security Consultant Tim Cullen has been selected to sit on the ACUTA (Association for College and University Technology Advancement) Cyber Security Task Force. The task force consist of 5-10 members who represent IT companies and higher-education institutions. The committee collaborates and discusses cybersecurity issues and threats that have the potential to affect these institutions. As a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) and veteran security specialist at ADAPTURE, Tim has the expertise in information security and network architecture to greatly contribute to the ACUTA task force.

“The ACUTA organization is active in all aspects of internet security relating to the educational market and guides members and organizations to successfully navigate the current and future digital security landscape,” states Cullen. “This is no small undertaking and I see that ACUTA is succeeding in this endeavor and I am excited about working with such a professional organization with such a noble and worthwhile focus on higher education.”

Cullen will participate in conference calls with the other members to discuss security concerns and ways to handle and prevent security breaches as they relate to higher education. With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Cullen could not have joined at a more opportune time. He and the other committee members will be discussing the direction to take the task force in the coming month.

Cullen has an extensive, 25-year background in security events, trainings, and testing and integration. He has