In this post: Read an infographic to learn which countries attack the most and which countries are attacked the most in the realm of cybersecurity.

Only a few more days remain in October as we wrap up the 12th Annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

As hackers attack industries all across the world, do you know which countries hack the most? According to Government Technology magazine, 41% of hackers are from China and then 10% are from the United States! Now, do you know which industries are attacked first? According to ADAPTURE partner FireEye, education is at the top of this list followed by the Federal Government.

Check out our final infographic in this series to find out more on WHO is attacking and WHO is getting attacked.

Which Countries Attack the Most and Which Countries are Being Attacked the Most? National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2015. Who is Attacking, and who is getting attacked? According to Government Technology, the top ten hacking countries are China with 41% of the world’s attacks, United States with 10%, Turkey with 4.7%, Russia with 4.3%, Taiwan with 3.7%, Brazil with 3.3%, Romania with 2.8%, India with 2.3%, Italy with 1.6%, and Hungary with 1.4%. According to FireEye, the top five industries attacked in the past 30 days are education, federal government, energy and utilities, manufacturing, and high tech. Think forward. ADAPTURE’s F5 DDoS Protection solution can help fight these attacks without compromising the integrity of your current applications. ADAPTURE combines an unmatched level of intellectual capital, technical knowledge and experience to ensure the design of your security architecture is customized to your organization’s specific needs. ADAPTURE cultivates comprehensive enterprise technology solutions by implementing world-class platforms that scale with both business growth and technological innovation to keep clients at the forefront of cybersecurity. Whatever your data center security needs, ADAPTURE will be your expert partner to ensure every platform remains secure with best-in-class technology.

With attacks coming from all over the world and targeting large and important industries, it’s vital that you stay informed about the trends in cybersecurity. If your organization’s industry is more vulnerable to attacks than others, you need a cybersecurity solution you can count on to fight attacks no matter where in the world they are coming from.

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