In a period where IT budgets are tightening up, adopting a public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service helps organizations keep costs down while improving business agility and achieving higher scalability.

And although public clouds such as AWS offer services like computing, storage, networking and infrastructure security, it’s up to individual organizations to manage, secure and understand their applications and data within the cloud.

It’s a challenge for companies to be able to access network traffic on an AWS cloud, adding to their difficulty in completing deep packet inspection, managing customer experiences or performing other analytics.

To access data and complete compliance and security work, organizations need a holistic visibility platform that provides a consistent view into data located on premise, at remote sites, or whether in public, private and hybrid clouds.

Gaining Visibility to Information in Public Clouds

Traffic visibility provider Gigamon’s cloud visibility services enable enterprises to gain unprecedented flexibility to design and provision a public cloud monitoring infrastructure that meets their individual business needs. Gigamon’s solution allows organizations to:

  • Reduce network complexity by centralizing how traffic is forwarded to network and security operations centers
  • Optimize enterprise performance
  • Ensure comprehensive security by enabling inspection of traffic flowing among AWS workloads
  • Save time and resources
  • Validate compliance

As the percentage of workloads hosted in the public cloud is set to exponentially grow from 16 to nearly 40 percent over the next five years, according to JP Morgan, enterprises of all sizes can benefit from a cloud visibility platform.

The Gigamon solution enables IT organizations to monitor enterprise workloads where it is most advantageous based on their needs. For some companies, this means monitoring within the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), or at a dedicated VPC that contains the necessary tools. For others, it may mean centralizing the capability on premises or private infrastructure.

The first step toward determining the best way to implement a cloud visibility platform is to consult with an expert about your needs and current infrastructure design. You should work closely with a cloud consultant when designing your strategic cloud security roadmap.

Organizations interested in receiving more information specifically regarding Gigamon’s AWS solution can contact ADAPTURE. As a certified Gigamon professional services partner, our experts can provide superior expertise and design security and networking solutions that leverage the Gigamon portfolio of products.

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