It can be difficult as an IT professional to put your trust in public cloud environments after a year full of announcements of cybersecurity breaches. After all, you’re moving your most vital information into an infrastructure that you didn’t build yourself, and the nature of this environment means you must trust the cloud provider to do the right thing for data protection at the foundational level. After all, if the foundational infrastructure of the cloud environment itself isn’t secure, the rest of the system is vulnerable to attack.

But don’t discount public cloud just because you don’t have the deep visibility or level of control to which you’re accustomed. In fact, the public cloud might be more secure than the private cloud environments you’re currently trusting.

Public Cloud’s Robust Infrastructure

Many companies believe that private cloud is “more secure” than public because it naturally grants them more access and control over their on-premise environment. If private cloud keeps data and other digital assets closer to home, then it has to be safer, righ