Increasing Demand for Cloud Aggregators

As cloud technology continues to evolve at a pace most organizations cannot keep up with, the need for cloud aggregators is on the rise. According to leading IT research and advisory company Gartner, Inc., the market is expected to double its size over the next few years, reaching $160 billion by 2018.

But Just What is a Cloud Aggregator?

Simply put, cloud aggregators are high-level consultants or architects who bring together multiple cloud services and offer them as a combined package to customers. The alternative for a company is attempting this in house, which typically results in an unmanageable number of cloud deployments across an organization. But by working with a cloud aggregator, Gartner indicates, “A company or other entity adds value to one or more (public or private) cloud services on behalf of one or more consumers of that service via three primary roles, including: aggregation, integration and customization brokerage.”

Benefits of Cloud Aggregators

Many technology leaders engaging with cloud aggregators are doing so because of the significant time and personnel investments required to research the best cloud solutions. These solutions can vary greatly across the organization as different needs are addressed throughout many departments. Furthermore, the technology will continue to advance, change, and scale. When you add the required commitment to security and compliance into the mix, the value an aggregator adds to any conversation around taking your organization to the cloud becomes very clear.

Businesses are seeking to obtain significant ROI from virtualization and cloud computing incentives. With an ever-expanding number of cloud applications, and expenditures resulting from managing these applications, companies are faced with declining returns. That’s why cloud aggregators can offer packaged solutions that combine third-party software, hardware and service-provider solutions.

Cloud aggregators “offer a single dashboard for partners or customers to find, activate and manage multiple cloud applications,” according to Talkin’ Cloud, an industry trends news site. “Often, the dashboards include pricing and billing management capabilities.”

The combination of multiple services into one is also often more cost-effective for customers, says technology content platform TechTarget.

A cloud aggregator like ADAPTURE handles all the research and planning across your organization, focusing on the individual needs of each department and how they roll up to the broader needs of the organization. Experts work with the business leaders at your company to hand select the right cloud solution for each need, keeping your current on-premise resources in mind while ensuring optimal levels of security and control. Once these solutions are selected, they are purchased and deployed together as a single package. The goal of engaging a cloud aggregator is to make a cloud deployment plan secure, manageable, and scalable as your business needs evolve.