NetApp’s NAS works effectively with a variety of vendors, operating systems, and protocols to create more flexible data storage solutions for its clients. Modern organizations need vendor and support flexibility across their operating systems if they want to maintain control of their environments while still increasing efficiency and promoting growth.

And enterprise storage solutions are no exception to this reality.

Thankfully, open collaborations between IT support vendors make it easier for organizations to manage their data in the way that they want to—and with whomever they want.

Instead of locking clients into only using particular vendors (that may not suit their current business model or environments), NetApp promotes open collaboration that benefits the client’s business.

NetApp’s NAS and Traditional File Storage

When it comes to traditional file storage, organizations need a way to share data between different operating systems and other network technologies. Consolidation and infrastructure management are also concerning for businesses that aim to improve their storage efficiency while still reducing overhead costs. NetApp Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solutions simplify data management, optimize CAPEX, and encourage corporate growth.

NetApp’s NAS solutions improve storage efficiency and cut costs by 40% without disrupting a company’s established ITSM operations. NetApp accomplishes this through its seamless integration with every operating system. This thus enables clients to share storage in a way that is both convenient and cost effective. This intrinsic flexibility and compatibility are especially beneficial for remote offices that have a variety of employees (with a spectrum of devices and OSs) who need consistent access to the same aggregate files and data.

By enabling you to share files across Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments, NetApp makes it convenient and secure for organizations to:

  • Simplify data storage
  • Streamline infrastructure management
  • Reduce vendor sprawl
  • Increase utilization
  • Reduce downtime

NetApp and OpenStack

When setting up an OpenStack cloud environment, storage becomes one of the most complex and expensive aspects of the process for your IT team. While many of the OpenStack integrated storage solutions attempt to create scalability and flexibility, they simply don’t facilitate the performance or offer the features necessary to scale efficiently. But this is where NetApp comes in.

When integrated with OpenStack, NetApp’s NAS platforms equip organizations with the tools needed to scale successfully, to architect for advanced storage efficiency, and to establish integrated data protection—all without disrupting operations or impacting network performance.

Moreover, NetApp’s open collaboration with OpenStack enables clients to build on a scalable storage platform to optimize private and public cloud architectures. This integration results in reduced risk and increased efficiency but also supplies an abundance of OpenStack resources to help clients get the most out of their data storage initiatives.

NetApp and Cloud Environments

As we all know, cloud is changing the way that organizations understand and leverage data storage.

And if you are relying on virtual storage for your critical and operation data, it becomes vital for your business to freely use, access, and control that data from within a variety of cloud environments. In response to this need, NetApp helps organizations get more value from their cloud platforms through a portfolio of cloud data services that fully supports and integrates with clients’ digital transformation initiatives.

By enabling companies to become more responsive, NetApp’s Cloud Volumes Service delivers a data-rich experience that helps clients drive innovation and take advantage of new business opportunities. This native data infrastructure solution sustains your data application needs while supporting key cloud applications like NO-SQL and SQL databases. Accelerating application speed and efficiency, Cloud Volumes Service grants quick access to development environments and enables more:

  • Effective collaboration
  • Transparency across teams
  • Simplified data mobility

Clients can utilize NetApp’s Cloud Volumes Service through leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS. This collaboration lets you continue to get the most out of your cloud environments and still use your chosen provider. Moreover, NetApp has multiple service levels to accelerate your cloud workloads and optimize performance.

By working together with these leading cloud providers, NetApp helps its clients improve business agility and accelerate their speed to market.

NetApp Empowers You and Your IT Team to Work in the Way That Suits You Best

NetApp’s open collaboration enables your business to work with the vendors you prefer, the cloud providers you desire, and from a broad spectrum of operating systems. With NetApp and ADAPTURE, you’re in control of the way your business does business.