With so many devices in your Cisco environment, it can be difficult to keep track of what equipment is under the support and when renewal dates are coming up. Additionally, your organization has the challenge of knowing when to transition these devices to end of life services. That’s where Cisco Smart Net Total Care support comes in.

Previously, we discussed how Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides unparalleled support, resulting in a faster time to resolution. In addition to award-winning technical support, it also makes contract and device lifecycle management more efficient and effective.  With Cisco Smart Net Total Care, your organization can easily and intuitively manage contracts and device lifecycles, all from one central interface.

Tracking and Managing Support Contracts

Cisco Smart Net Total Care makes it easy for your organization to stay up to date across all your devices. The portal’s Service Coverage Management feature allows you to monitor devices and support contracts as well as access coverage details to better understand what’s covered and what is not. You can access a wealth of information and insights into your service coverage, including any renewals, gaps, and last date of support.

Avoid Coverage Gaps

By identifying which equipment needs to be renewed, it helps ensure that your organization never has a gap in coverage, which can have a significant impact on your operations. In addition to identifying which equipment contracts need to be renewed, it also notifies you of which equipment is no longer in service. This allows you to cancel any unnecessary service contracts.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

One of the greatest benefits of improved visibility into your devices and contracts is reducing cost. Cisco Smart Net Total Care enables easy identification of covered devices that might no longer need full support. For instance, let’s say that you have an old production device move to development that no longer needs 24/7/2 premium support. To cut unnecessary expense, you can reduce your coverage to a less expensive contract with less extensive coverage.

Managing Your Devices’ Lifecycles

Cisco Smart Net Total Care makes device lifecycle management easy and effective. Smart Net Total Care tracks the end of sales life and end of service life for all devices deployed in your Cisco environment. Using Smart Net Total Care support, your organization can easily identify which devices are approaching end of life. Then, you can work to prepare for the effective and efficient transition to end of life services.

Better Visibility for ITAD

With this information Smart Net Total Care provides, you can work more efficiently with ITAD vendors to properly retire these devices and work with your Cisco vendor to replace them. The device lifecycle management capabilities of Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care ensures that you have the proper equipment to thrive and grow over time.

See Changes Over Time

Another helpful feature of Smart Net Total Care is the Inventory Collection Delta. This report helps you better understand the network device changes that have occurred over time. You can view these Delta snapshots for a set time duration to gain a centralized view of these changes. This is especially important for organizations with networks that are constantly changing. Gaining this centralized view allows your organization to quickly confirm any moves, adds, or changes to your network, which helps promote a more reliable network over time.

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

With Cisco Smart Net Total Care, there is no more guesswork as to which devices are under support. Not only are you able to review extensive coverage details, but you are also automatically notified when a contract renewal is due, which ensures that your devices are covered throughout their lifecycles.

Additionally, with enhanced visibility over the device lifecycle, your organization can easily and effectively transition your devices to end of life services when the time comes. And all of these capabilities are available from a single, easy-to-use portal.