Cybercriminals today are utilizing increasingly complex techniques to infiltrate corporate networks—while evading detection—in an effort to steal intellectual property and other sensitive information. Knowing the techniques cyber-attackers use and how to defend against them is paramount to an organization’s success in disrupting the cyber-attack kill chain.

The Onslaught of Malware

Attackers are constantly bombarding networks with malware in an effort to gain access to company systems. And even though organizations are utilizing next-generation firewall tools, malware protection updates are often infrequent, which leaves networks vulnerable.

It’s imperative to use a firewall system that is continually updated to provide organizations, regardless of size, with deep security protection against the threat of new malware which is often being developed every hour.

Viruses, Worms and More

Cybercriminals have many tools in their arsenal, from computer viruses and computer worms to Trojans, spyware and adware, all designed to attack networks and steal information. Different types of cyber-attacks are used by attackers in an attempt to catch companies off guard.

To counter these attack methods, organizations need to increase their awareness. Once companies are aware of the different techniques used by hackers, they can choose the right security strategy. Some tools organizations should consider are:

  • Network-based malware protection to block attackers from downloading or transmitting malware to a compromised system;
  • Cloud-based malware protection to safeguard networks around the clock; and
  • Intrusion prevention services to prevent attackers from exploiting network vulnerabilities.

Weak Networks

By using inadequate firewall services, organizations may be leaving their networks vulnerable, allowing cybercriminals to sneak through a company’s security systems by using complicated algorithms to evade detection.

In addition, because some firewalls offer protection at the expense of performance, organizations may be tempted to turn off or limit certain security measures to ensure high network performance.

As such, organizations should choose a firewall platform that offers superior threat protection as well as high performance.

Attackers Constantly Evolving

Cybercriminals often succeed in their attack campaigns by continually reinventing new malware and sharing it with their counterparts around the globe. As a result, new threats are popping up every hour on all continents.

Organizations looking to mitigate against this risk need to choose a firewall that offers protection against the latest global threats.

Dell SonicWALL

With hundreds of new variants of malware developed every hour, organizations need up-to-the-minute, real-time protection against the latest threats. Dell SonicWALL firewalls have access to a continually updated cloud database with more than 14 million variants of malware.

Combining proven, network-based malware protection with an enormous cloud database that is updated every few minutes enables Dell SonicWALL to provide organizations of any size with deep security protection against advanced modern threats.

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