Major cloud providers offer a broad spectrum of features and solutions. But what if you need more personalization? Often, many small-to-medium-sized businesses are inundated with more features than they know what to do with, and they often lack the expertise needed to efficiently manage and secure their cloud environments.

This is where boutique cloud services providers come in. In addition to managing those large cloud services for the SMBs, boutique cloud vendors also offer the added benefits of specialization and individualized client attention.

Here’s why it pays to work with a boutique cloud vendor.

Deciding on Cloud

As a cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) touts a variety of features and options, providing a powerful cloud computing service for countless organizations. However, because of the size and features of AWS, you might not have the level of personalization or training in-house that your organization needs to prevent inefficiencies, redundant instances, or security risks.

If you are still trying to decide whether to work with a boutique cloud vendor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much attention do you foresee needing from your cloud provider?
  • Do you need someone to closely guide you through the process or is your team already trained and knowledgeable?
  • Is it important that your cloud provider takes the time to teach you what you need to learn?

If personalization and collaborative care are critical to your organization, you might want to consider a boutique cloud vendor.

Benefits of a Boutique Cloud Vendor

Boutique cloud vendors help fill in service gaps that larger vendors can’t address.

Cloud vendors focused on mid-sized businesses are better equipped to work directly with your business and cater specifically to your needs and concerns. They can dedicate the bandwidth to train your team and guide you through the transition to cloud because they have built collaboration directly into their business model.

Additionally, boutique cloud vendors develop pointed specializations in specific aspects of cloud-based on their unique IT experiences. If your company has reservations, you can benefit from working with a cloud vendor that focuses on that particular area of concern. For many SMBs, this individualized attention provides the peace of mind they need to finally make the move to virtualized environments.

Boutique Cloud Vendors and Security

If your company has yet to move to the cloud, chances are your main concerns revolve around security.

Admittedly, the current threat landscape is enough to worry any well-meaning IT leader. But, cloud is the future, and the market is flooded with highly vetted security technologies and protocols that can be optimized to ensure robust and intelligent defenses for your environments. Cloud offers too many benefits to let [in]security thwart your forward progress.

If you struggle with the same concerns about security, you should partner with a cloud provider that specializes in that area.

ADAPTURE helps organizations safely and securely transition to cloud by taking a security-first approach to every aspect of the migration. After evaluating the security of your environments and applications through a security assessment and penetration test process, our team identifies and builds a solution for any security gaps before developing a plan for migration.

ADAPTURE has the expertise to transition your environments while keeping your critical data and applications secure. We also have the automation tools and security processes necessary to monitor and evaluate, in real-time, how secure an environment is as it runs in any cloud space.

If security concerns are holding you back from cloud, it’s time to choose a vendor that fills in the gaps. Boutique cloud vendors like ADAPTURE can provide the solutions and the peace of mind you seek.

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