Importance of Email Security

Email security is important now more than ever as organizations face an ever-increasing number of threats from email-based spam, viruses and advanced attacks.

The issue recently saw renewed attention following reports that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a private email account and server to conduct official business while she was working for the State Department, according to Reuters. The potential implications, had her account been compromised, illustrate how crucial it is to protect organizations’ email accounts.

High Demand for Cloud Security Services

A survey on security spending by Gartner Research, an information technology research firm, showed high demand for cloud-based security service offerings. The highest-consumed cloud-based security service, according to Gartner, is email security services, with 74 percent of respondents rating it as a top service.

Email-based attacks, including spear-phishing, remain one of the primary methods used to initiate an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack due to the complexity involved in detecting them.

While some attacks use an email attachment with embedded malicious code, it is also common for cybercriminals to use a malicious link, thereby blending attack tactics in the hopes of bypassing today’s traditional defense silos.

How to Protect Your Organization

In mitigating the risk to your organization from malicious emails, cloud infrastructure is increasingly being used to identify email-based threats. Cloud solutions can analyze the emails for spam and known viruses as an initial layer of protection.

FireEye’s Email Threat Prevention Cloud analyzes emails for possible threats, using a signature-less FireEye Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to examine every attachment and URL to detect threats and stop APT attacks in real time.

The FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud is a SaaS offering that combats against today’s advanced email attacks and provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection. As organizations have embraced the cloud for email needs already, the Email Threat Prevention Cloud provides complete email security for cloud mailboxes.

The skill solutions architects at ADAPTURE can help in every step of the way-from knowledge to deployment. Our engineers are highly qualified and knowledgeable of FireEye Email Threat Prevention.

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