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Olympic Solutions: IT Security Challenges at the 2014 Winter Olympics

The XXII Olympic Winter Games will showcase 90 competitive events in 15 different sports. Athletes from around the world set cultural and political boundaries aside to participate in spirited, patriotic competition. For many, the Games are a symbol of what the world can be when we work in cooperation toward a common goal under the guiding principles of [...]

2014-02-04T16:26:01-05:00February 4th, 2014|BYOD, Security|
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BYOD Policies to Prevent BYOD Threats

In this post: Learn about a rising trend in the workforce, BYOD, and how companies can institute effective BYOD policies. The Balancing Act: Flexibility or Security? The balancing act between freedom and control is not a new issue to people of the 21st century. We see this struggle daily in government, politics, and even with our children at [...]

2013-12-31T16:05:00-05:00December 31st, 2013|BYOD, Security|

Homeland Fact vs. Fiction: Barnaby Jack and the Death of Vice President Walden

The third season of Homeland premiered Sunday night [no season three spoilers], and fans across the country tuned in to find out what became of Saul, Carrie, and Brody after the season two finale. For those less familiar with the Emmy-winning Showtime thriller, the premise of Homeland centers on the hot-button topic of U.S. homeland [...]

2013-09-23T15:56:51-04:00September 23rd, 2013|News & Press, Security|