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  • AWS Storage from Snowball to Glacier

AWS Storage from Snowball to Glacier

A cloud migration is a complex, yet necessary, process that—once optimized—increases data availability and reduces operational expenses. Your IT team can handle moving marginal amounts of data to a web-based console, but the logistics of moving terabytes, or even petabytes of data to AWS storage, is another story. With your lean IT Team, you’re going to need some [...]

2019-12-16T12:51:13-05:00December 16th, 2019|Cloud, Storage|
  • Data Storage Solutions: It's Time to Move Off Tape

Data Storage Solutions: Moving Off of Tape Storage

For those still loyal to tape, you might be comfortable where you are. You might be reluctant to move completely to the cloud or other data storage solutions. But it’s time to let go and start moving off of tape storage. While tape is relatively inexpensive, is already in your environments, and has a longer physical retention life [...]

2019-08-28T10:13:01-04:00August 28th, 2019|Infrastructure, Storage|
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