Security architects will offer network security advice to businesses

ADAPTURE security architects will present information on improving IT security and maintaining effective responses to cyberattacks during the annual Technology Association of Georgia Cybersecurity Simulation at Kennesaw State University on May 18. Ahmed Abdalla, Elliott Abraham and Cedric Caldwell will present vital security information on cyberattack prevention and recovery based on three scenarios businesses may face.

Secure information management is critical to business operations. The way cyberattacks are performed is constantly changing, creating a need for continuing education on how to protect against it. TAG Cybersecurity Simulation is designed to provide executives, senior management and security professionals an opportunity to react to cyberattacks.

The ADAPTURE team will mock-hack businesses in various scenarios to show how hackers get into networks and educate attendees on how to prevent it. Abdalla, Abraham and Caldwell are top-level security architects with experience in providing solutions for networks to block hackers and become resilient to their attacks.

“Education for the masses is paramount for technology remediation,” said Tim Cullen, Senior Security Solutions Architect at ADAPTURE. “We want consumers to be armed and aware so they can be proactive in protecting themselves against cyberattacks. We’re looking forward to participating in this event to give a fresh perspective on cybersecurity.”

ADAPTURE is a member of TAG and a sponsor of the 2016 TAG Cybersecurity Simulation. The goal of both organizations is to educate attendees on how to prevent and withstand attacks on infrastructure so they will be empowered to be proactive instead of reactive when a cyberattack takes place.

To learn more about the TAG Cybersecurity Simulation and to register for the event, click here.

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