Last month, Gigamon, a network visibility, analytics and security firm, announced that its GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform fully supports and interoperates with network security vendor FireEye’s advanced persistent threat solutions to deliver real-time threat protection.

The resulting cybersecurity dream team ensures that FireEye solutions receive the necessary traffic that they need when responding to advanced cyberthreats, while the GigaSECURE product reduces network complexity, costs and security appliance conflicts for traffic, Gigamon says.

“FireEye protects against cyber-attacks and malware,” notes Johnnie Konstantas, Gigamon’s Director of Security Solutions Marketing & Business Development. “Gigamon scales and optimizes those protections by aggregating high-bandwidth traffic and intelligently filtering it to multiple FireEye appliances.”

Konstantas continues: “Advanced threat protection is a key initiative for organizations. The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform helps expedite and scale deployments of FireEye while maximizing the visibility these appliances have to the traffic they need to analyze.”

The combined solution comes at a time when cyber-attacks are changing rapidly, targeting valuable and sensitive personal information, intellectual property, authentication credentials and insider information, according to Gigamon. The attacks are multi-staged to spread laterally throughout a network to get the valuable information out.

Organizations utilizing the combined solution will notice benefits including:

  • Better malware detection through broader traffic visibility;
  • Reductions in detection and response time by expediting access to traffic;
  • The extension of malware detection to traffic flowing among virtualized servers;
  • Inspection of SSL encrypted traffic for embedded malware;
  • Reduction in deployment and management costs of an advanced protection framework; and
  • Less disruption in both the scaling and deployment of FireEye protections.

In addition, Gigamon’s security delivery platform makes the deployment of FireEye enterprise-wide more cost-effective both in the initial investment and long-term, Konstantas says. “Customers can extend the benefits of the security delivery platform to other security tools and applications that connect to it, essentially multiplying the gains from the initial investment each time the customer adds security devices and technologies.”

For a security appliance to be effective, it needs to be able to access the right network traffic stream, says Ed Barry, VP Cybersecurity Coalition, at FireEye.“ With GigaSECURE, our customers can direct all traffic from networks and hybrid clouds to our appliances to help ensure comprehensive and network-wide threat protection.”


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