What are the Georgia Milestones?

The new system for standardized testing will be implemented for the 2014-2015 academic year and will align with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). This new program will ultimately require more from students and involve more than what was expected from the CRCT and EOCT. Many believed that these two tests do not adequately prepare students for college and post-high school education. In turn, Georgia Milestones, along with the CCGPS, takes a more realistic approach to preparing students for continuing education and, ultimately, their careers. Instead of a series of individual assessments, the Georgia Milestones and CCGPS is one consistent testing program across grades 3-12.

Transition Period

One of the downsides of the implementation of any new program is the shift needed to acclimate. In the first year of testing, the grades are expected to be significantly lower when compared to the previous years’ CRCT and EOCT scores. However, because the new approach is intended to prove for better success, the test scores should continue to climb the longer it’s in place.

Georgia Milestones and Technology

With any new program’s implementation, technology is required to assist with its growth. Though the technology requirements have not been quite finalized, it is expected to be similar to what was required when PARCC was in place. This was determined at the GAMEIS conference held in Savannah this summer. The technological requirements for PARCC included a set of administrative tools capable of “locking down” devices, temporarily disabling functionalities posing as a security threat. In addition to the security requirements, internet access, cameras, screen capture, email, instant messaging, and other social applications needed to be controlled.

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