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Today, we will discuss another Gartner Magic Quadrant, and this one has some history to it.  Gartner has recently unified its Enterprise Firewall and Next Generation Firewall categories as vendors have incorporated the “next generation” features, like application and user control and intrusion prevention systems, into their enterprise firewall offerings.  This time we’ll showcase the long-standing leaders in the now unified Gartner Enterprise Network Firewalls Magic Quadrant. If you just recently joined our Gartner series, be sure to read the blog installments on ADC, EPP, Integrated Systems, IaaSSIEM, SSA, IPS, and WAF.

But let’s get back to today’s leaders: Check Point Software Technologies and Palo Alto Networks.

Check Point’s Staying Power in the Gartner Enterprise Network Firewalls Magic Quadrant

Check Point has been leading the Gartner Firewall Magic Quadrant pack for some time now. In fact, Gartner has placed it in the Leaders quadrant since 1997! Twenty years isn’t just a record, it’s a legacy.

Gartner reports that Check Point has effectively become one of the world’s largest pure-play security vendors, and “continues to lead in market share for firewall equipment.” Although Check Point has more than 1,300 employees spread across the globe, Gartner attests that its size is not all that sets it apart as a Leader. Rather, Check Point provides a “large breadth of security products [that cover] network, mobile, and endpoint.” This strong reputation has enabled it to “build a strong ecosystem of technology partners including software, server, and networking and managed services,” granting Check Point even more adaptability and effectiveness as a company. Check Point is the feature leader, and continues to execute its vision to protect a variety of enterprise deployment use cases.

In short, Check Point has the solution for all of your firewall needs and can meet the requirements of any enterprise network type, whether it be in-house, hybrid, public cloud, or a highly virtualized infrastructure.

Palo Alto’s Recent Move up the Leaders Quadrant

While Check Point has been the longest-standing Leader in the Gartner Enterprise Network Firewall Magic Quadrant, another one of our partners has been streaking up the leaderboard in the past few years. Although not as permanent a fixture as Check Point has been in the past twenty years, Palo Alto Networks has been named a Gartner Enterprise Network Firewall Leader for six years in a row now. Since 2016, it has even surpassed Check Point’s vertical positioning with its increased Ability to Execute by continuing to score highly in performance evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys. Palo Alto has also continued to improve cloud offerings (such as WildFire’s threat analysis), simplify unified security management through Panorama, and add new SaaS security and user credential protection features.

Gartner reports that Palo Alto, like Check Point, is also a “solid contender for all enterprises … and is visible on shortlists across all industries.” Through its commitment to continuous improvements, Palo Alto can advance within the market, using its in-house innovations to gain an advantage over what other vendors can offer. Not only that, Palo Alto’s high customer satisfaction gives credence to the company’s faithfulness and dedication to its clients.

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