In today’s threat landscape, a traditional, prevention-only approach to cybersecurity leaves an organization vulnerable to advanced attacks. That’s why advanced threat detection and incident response have become top priorities for businesses that want to improve security defenses. As such, many companies are looking to reposition with solutions with FireEye MDR threat detection, wanting to switch from “reactive” to “proactive.”

But wanting to and doing are two very different things.

Defining MDR

Oftentimes, small and medium-sized businesses lack the resources (security staff, time, and threat intelligence) to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. Unfortunately, because hackers often choose the path of least resistance, cybercriminals find that these under-resourced companies are easy targets for exploitation.

In short, these SMBs need to find a mechanism that keeps them aware and alerted to potential threats, optimizes technology, and bolsters the procedures in place for mitigation and resolution—and all without having to hire new security experts and solutions architects (see how the cybersecurity skills gap further thwarts this method anyway).

So, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) became the answer as a managed services solution for threat detection and network security to:

  • Provide continuous monitoring of a company’s digital assets
  • Alert to potential threats
  • Investigate and respond to incidents

It’s important to mention that larger companies have been using in-house SOCs for years because they had the funds to generate the research, technology, and best practices for themselves.

But just because you’re a smaller organization doesn’t make your security any less critical.

Fortunately, in recent years, heuristic-based threat intelligence has democratized security for SMBs. ADAPTURE partner FireEye especially utilizes this proactive form of threat detection and prevention to architect a scalable MDR solution for all types of environments.

Here’s how FireEye MDR directly benefits your organization’s security standards.

What is FireEye MDR?

The FireEye MDR solution takes a highly proactive approach to corporate client security by implementing the latest threat intelligence to detect, analyze, and respond to advanced threats.

Rather than spending more than a hundred thousand dollars for each new security expert to try to fill in the gaps, this MDR offering becomes a “FireEye-as-a-Service” (so to speak), and you are able to leverage the knowledge and intrinsic expertise of a full team of FireEye analysts and cybersecurity experts.

This access to expert knowledge, bleeding-edge security tools, and customized consulting ultimately enables ADAPTURE clients to more proactively detect and investigate both known and zero-day threats.

How Does FireEye MDR threat detection Work?

FireEye’s MDR threat detection services take a proactive, analyst-driven approach to detecting and mitigating malicious activity.

FireEye Managed Defense analysts methodically search for evidence of threats, updating and adapting their protocols based on the heuristic threat intelligence gained through other FireEye MDR customers, Mandiant consulting, and FireEye iSIGHT intelligence capabilities. With this real-time data stream and active analytics, the FireEye team proactively hunts for comparable evidence of threat behavior within similar organizations’ networks.

More specifically on a client-level, FireEye MDR consumes log files from across your networks and monitors the traffic (via physical technicians with eyes-on-screen) for discrepancies or signs of malicious activity. In the event of a detected attack, FireEye experts immediately alerts your organization so that, together, you can begin to remediate the threat as quickly as possible. This real-time monitoring and reporting enables your company to form an effective and proactive response protocol that prevents attackers from causing a significant impact on your networks (and ultimately your brand).

FireEye MDR Threat Detection Actively Protects Your Business When You’re Too Busy

Because it remains so difficult for some companies to defend infrastructure currently in place, security bandwidth can keep them from technological advancement and upgrade.

Rather than remain in this ineffective, reactive state, deploy FireEye MDR to extend the reach and supplement your in-house security team. As a result, your company will be positioned in a more proactive security stance, and your in-house teams can refocus their resources and efforts on what they do best.

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