Out with the Old and In with the New

Let’s face it, Windows Server 2003 is an 11-year-old operating system. In the world of continuously developing technology, an upgrade after 11 years is a must. But, transitioning data centers over to a new OS can be tricky. The most current Windows server OS is Windows Server 2012. Major upgrades from Windows Server 2003 include functionality geared toward the cloud and streamlined enhancements to core features. With an upgrade imminent, today’s businesses require technology partners to help bring IMAC expertise to a major OS migration.

With the official EOL date set for July 14, 2015, the time to consider migrating to Windows Server 2012 is now. There are over 11.7 million servers running on 2003, and many data center leaders will be scrambling to migrate as the EOL date approaches. If you’re still running Windows Server 2003, start thinking now about the steps needed to make the switch. Insufficient planning could put your data center at risk for major issues and downtime throughout the migration. But where does the planning start? How do you evaluate potential IMAC partners?

Dell’s Step-by-Step Plan

We think you should consider Dell. Dell has preemptively prepared to ensure its customers a smooth upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Dell has created a step-by-step plan comprised of four distinct components: Window Server OS Modernization Services, Data Center Transformation Methodology, Application Management Consulting and Global Application Packaging Factory, and lastly, ChangeBASE.

OS Modernization Services: Maps out the best option for technology and integration, giving customers flexibility

Data Center Transformation Methodology: Accelerates the migration

Application Management Consulting and Global Application Packaging Factory: Analyzes application inventory to ensure compatibility during the migration

ChangeBASE: Uncovers compatibility issues with the targeted operating system

Dell hopes to ease the migration process for its customers. They are offering a solution that takes time-sensitivity into consideration while ensuring a cost-effective and secure option. Remember—once the OS goes EOL, maintaining the need for custom support will eventually cost hundreds of thousands per year. Save yourself the time and trouble later down the road and consider Dell for your Microsoft migration needs.

As a Dell Premier Partner, Our Dell experts here at ADAPTURE are on hand to provide you with the knowledge and resources to make a smooth transition to Windows Server 2012.