Many organizations don’t have the in-house resources necessary to give cybersecurity the attention it demands, much less complete a compromise assessment. With the current technology talent gap, finding the expertise you need isn’t easy, and with limited IT teams, finding the bandwidth to focus on your cybersecurity strategy is difficult.

But with cyberattacks occurring within 39 seconds, you can’t afford to sideline your monitoring. If you think you’ve been breached (or you don’t know how to even begin to check), it’s time to perform a comprehensive compromise assessment on your networks.

How to Compromise Assessments Work

Compromise assessments are a reliable security audit solution that fully audits and evaluates the current state of your networks. This generated security data gives you the insights you need to effectively lock down your endpoints and monitor network activity to prevent future breaches.

Recognized by Gartner as an industry leader, Cylance’s ThreatZERO+ Compromise Assessment was specifically designed to help organizations discover any critical unknowns hiding within their systems that could lead to a future breach. Combining artificial intelligence with human expertise and strategy, Cylance’s compromise assessment enables you to quickly learn if your environment has already been breached and what, if any, data has been exfiltrated from your networks.

From the compromise assessment results, your team has the strategic insight they need to develop proactive activities to counter current threats and prevent future attacks in your specific environments.

Remediating Existing Threats

If your assessment finds that you have suffered recently from a breach, you need a dedicated security engineer to evaluate your network security and determine when, where, and how the compromise occurred (or if one is still actively occurring). Cylance’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools—Cylance Optics and Cylance Protect—help lean IT teams diagnose environmental risks, block any active security issues, and identify potential compromises.

Additionally, a full-scale data security health audit conducted by trusted cybersecurity experts helps you measure your infrastructure and cybersecurity processes compared to industry best practices. These evaluations help you determine your current security profile, what data is being received within your networks, and how you are currently protecting that data in relation to leading industry standards. By outsourcing this evaluation to a trusted third-party source, you can rely on unbiased cybersecurity expertise to make recommendations that fit your company’s needs.

Deliver Cylance Precision with ADAPTURE Cybersecurity Expertise

You want the best solution for security peace of mind. Cylance has revolutionized enterprise endpoint cybersecurity. Cylance’s cybersecurity products offer a wide range of predictive threat prevention solutions that enable organizations to gain better visibility across the enterprise while also effectively combatting security threats like malware and ransomware. And the best part is Cylance protects enterprise endpoints without increasing an organization’s staff workload.

Need the right partner to help you implement Cylance and deliver your cybersecurity compromise assessment?

ADAPTURE is an authorized Cylance partner providing cybersecurity, cloud, and infrastructure solutions across the country. By taking a forward-thinking and future-ready approach to architecture design, ADAPTURE helps its clients remain at the forefront of emerging technology, enabling agility and scalability while keeping systems secure to the highest standards.

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