Network Security: Proxy Server Solutions

Proxy servers offer security, performance, and administrative benefits to your IT infrastructure. For instance, a proxy server, depending on whether it’s a forward, reverse, caching, or web proxy:

  • Enables anonymity. Proxies hide the identities of your internal client or server machines from external systems. This anonymizing characteristic makes your client and server machines less susceptible to attacks. It conceals the structure of your internal network, making it difficult for attackers to gain more insight about your network.
  • Caches data. Caching reduces the need for servers to resend the same data repeatedly. This improves server response times, frees up bandwidth, and enables other networks to perform more efficiently.
  • Simplifies administration. Proxy servers not only offer a single point of access, but they also offer a single point of control.
  • Filters content. Content filtering proxies help enforce an organization’s acceptable use policy. It utilizes user authentication to restrict connections to certain websites and records logs to monitor sites that have been accessed.

When used along with other network security devices like a firewall, a proxy server can deliver substantial benefits to your business.

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Conceal Sensitive Network Details with Proxy Server Solutions from Adapture.

Misconfigured proxy settings can easily cause connectivity issues. When this happens, end users may be unable to access services that are crucial to business operations. We can help you avoid or resolve these issues.

Our network specialists can configure your proxy server to work seamlessly with your firewall and other network devices. We can set it up to complement other security solutions as part of a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy.