Network Security: DNS Security Solutions and DNSSEC

DNS (Domain Name System) greatly simplifies the way we locate hosts and services on networks, especially the biggest network of all—the Internet. Without this directory service, it would be impossible to carry out business processes on the Internet as quickly and efficiently as we currently do. In fact, if a crucial DNS server goes down, several business services could instantly become unavailable.

But an unavailable DNS service isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. A compromised DNS service can even be a bigger problem. For instance, clients who unknowingly connect to a malicious server as a result of a DNS spoofing attack can be tricked into revealing personal information, bank account login credentials, and other confidential data. You can prevent these situations by implementing domain name server security solutions.

Secure Your DNS with Network Security Solutions from Adapture.

The network security specialists at Adapture can help you secure your DNS services. We have assisted businesses in implementing DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) and carrying out DNS server hardening activities.

We can help you counter various DNS protocol and server attacks, including:

  • DNS Spoofing
  • Name Chaining
  • Denial of Service
  • DNS Open Resolvers
  • DNS ID Hacking
  • DNS Cache Poisoning
  • DNS Amplification and Reflection
  • Resource Utilization

Our DNS security services include:

  • Testing your network for open resolvers and other vulnerabilities DNS hackers can exploit
  • Addressing vulnerabilities and applying threat mitigation
  • Establishing policies and procedures for secure key and digital signature management
  • Controlling access to authorized end users
  • Maintaining the integrity of application code that may impact your DNS
  • Architecting an infrastructure that can sustain high volume processes
  • Running DNS services on domain controllers and using Active Directory integrated zones
  • Configuring your DNS servers to thwart cache pollution
  • Building a secondary DNS server and implementing load balancing

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