Endpoint Security: Client Content Filter

A client content filter prevents end users from accessing harmful and unproductive web content. It extends this protection to endpoint devices as soon as they wander outside the corporate firewall perimeter.

Web content filtering is vital to schools, government agencies, libraries, and other institutions who need to prevent users from accessing harmful, inappropriate, or illegal content. In some institutions, installation of content filtering solutions is mandated by the law. Schools and libraries, for example, need it to comply with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act). Other businesses can use content filters to block sites that impair employee productivity.

Client content filters:

  • Provide flexible policy configurations
  • Block/filter a wide range of content, including: Java, ActiveX, Cookies, streaming media, IM, etc.
  • Draw web content ratings from a constantly updated database
  • Provide a Web-based administrative interface for anytime, anywhere management
  • Receive policy updates

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Protect your data with Client Content Filter solutions from Adapture.

An enterprise-grade client content filter like the Dell SonicWALL Content Filtering Client is usually part of a more comprehensive, sophisticated cyber security solution. For example, the Content Filtering Client is actually part of the Dell SonicWALL Content Filtering Service, which in turn runs on SonicWALL UTM and next-generation firewalls.

These solutions need to be administered by experienced cyber security specialists who know how to install, configure, and monitor the clients as well as architect effective security policies. Without proper guidance, inexperienced administrators can set content filters incorrectly. This can result in policies and configurations that are either dangerously lenient or overly restrictive.

Adapture can help you in that regard. Our security specialists aren’t just skilled in cyber security solutions; they also have decades of experience working with various enterprises. Hence, they know how to fine-tune policies to fit your organization’s needs.